" Realize that he makes you want to dance in the Indian monsoon,

  stand naked under the Northern Lights,

  scream your lungs  at the Grand Canyon”

 /Nupur Saraswat/


Dear Couple,

If you have clicked on this tab, then you probably have already thought about how you would like to make the moments when you say your vows really memorable and touching.

On this day, something new happens in your life that you have been nervous about and have been preparing and planning for as well as looking forward to it with the greatest joy.

Ceremonies are important.

All of a sudden everything becomes important.

The objects surrounding you will become symbols. Your music will always remain your song and will make you happy even when you are old guys and when you go down memory lane and recall the faces who were smiling around you, and the feeling of the ring on your finger for the first time while looking into the other's eyes...


You have all your loved ones surrounding you who, in their hearts and and with their words, are wishing you all the happiness in the world... and in the middle of it all, you two are standing and your love for each other, your energy can fill in a room, a church...

These are wonderful moments, and not only that, but also something to take with you on the journey of your life as a couple.


And this is why I love working as a marriage officiant: it is just amazing to be part of and be the one that coordinates the ceremony.

When finally everyone has quieted down and you two are ready, those moments too, need to be special: it should not be something that you want get through somehow, the ceremony should also be filled with depth and emotions.


Everyone has their own love story. There are longer and shorter ones and ones that are just started to be written, but one thing is for sure: you have just arrived at the best part!

So you can have humour, memories and tears of joy in it... it is all up to you... whatever you would like and consider your own.

But if someone is leading you right from the start, someone who has got to know you and what you and your guests would like: I can promise it is going to be a truly wonderful experience!


Can't wait to meet up!

With love, M


"Dear Móni,

We just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you’d done at our wedding! You’re such a lovely and caring person which made the ceremony all the more special, and it really shone through - everyone just loved it all.