I am so glad that you have found me (and my site)!


A little introduction: I was born in Nyh 38 years ago. Since 1996, I've lived in Budapest and for the past 17 years in a very happy relationship.

(For some reason, my man can never find the ring he would put on my finger... but what can I do... I love the way he plays the drums :) )

I have been a singer for 20 years now, I play the flute, I have worked as an actress, hosted various events.

From an early age I've been on stage and I feel that is my true home!

Having travelled the world, I've come across many different cultures, different people -- I have always been open to and fascinated by new places and people may they be young or old, Finnish or Spanish.

Although my father used to play music at wedding receptions, I only got into the "wedding world" much later with my band.


Whether playing with my band, or as a Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) I always have the same goal: to make the day as fun and memorable as possible not only for the bride and groom, but for everyone.


I never fail to surprise people when I say I am a MC.

 "It can be a WOMAN?"

 "Of course! It should be a woman!"

Many people dream about elegant and intimate wedding receptions while others would like to have something more modern.

I feel that the benefit of having a female MC is that they are very attentive to every little detail and always expect the unexpected -- I think every woman has a built in button for problem-spotting and -solving by default. Also I feel that we have a gift of knowing when to step into a situation and when to draw back and give instructions from behind the scenes.


Standing on the stage, I have always felt that the newly-wed should be bursting with happiness on their special day and enjoy every moment and in reality it is the couple who are the most worn-out with stress, they are the ones who take the burden of organization and worry that comes with it. And the day is bound to be stressful for the guests as well: they start their day getting ready, travelling to the venue… then they meet new people and family who they have not seen for ages, but this is what makes this day extra special. And believe me, it is such a relief and comfort to have someone that will take care of all their needs and answer their questions.


And this is where I come into the picture!

I am there so that you celebrate and have the time of your life: drink, dance, eat, sing, talk, be in love and romantic and be touched by magic of what is happening… You can relax because you know that there is someone behind the scenes who you can trust, who is in control and watches over the happenings. Someone, who is focusing on you, with all her heart, as you are her priority that day and night. As a preparation we will sit down together and discuss the particulars of the day well in advance. I can promise there won’t be any embarrassing games (unless you ask for it :) ) and I won’t bring up some rambling anecdote when you are about to have the first spoonful of soup.


And one more thing: the reason why I look forward to these weekends so much: that flow feeling I experience when I feel I get what you and the guests want and we function in perfect understanding. My love for people and the 20+ years spent in the entertainment industry definitely has helped me achieve this goal.


Every wedding reception is different, and different things make it memorable for everyone. This is why I would like to be your partner in tailoring the event to your needs and preferences.

I wish you relaxing times of preparation and lots of humor, patience and all the happiness in the world!

Please let me know if you would like to meet up!






"I would suggest Moni to any kind of Ceremony (especially weddings) to lead. She is high educated, kind, professional, and always fits to the customer needs. Reliable, and always know how to solve the upcoming tiny problems. Also works out every details, so no "gaps" will be uncovered for sure. If you choose Moni for your wedding party, you will not regret it.


Mathias and Andrea”